Hanna Lucatelli is an young visual artist, muralist and mother. Her work has promoting the merging of feminine energy traits and its transforming force as objective. That is the reason why women created by Hanna - all of them born from the artirt's creative mind - are pictured with a sacred and powerful aura, sometimes followed by bravery and love messages.

In her work, she seeks the awakening of a sacred feminine that exists inside us, proposing, at the same time, a look above the female figure far from the usual fragility and passivity representation. Not by accident, the street, hostile environment for any being that holds that feminine energy, is used by Hanna as her main work place.

The quotes and text pieces made by Hanna emerge as powerful and inspiring messages. Almost in a prayer form, they are very needed and urgent text pieces on our current days. Hanna Lucatelli writes about love, bravery and freedom with her paints and brushes and has as a main objective to welcome and promote autonomy for women and the sacred feminine in all of us, both as individuals and as a society.

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Public Space

  • Untitled

    675 Inácia de Tolêdo Ave, SP, BR

  • Arte, Rua & Poesia V

    Affonso Taunay Library, SP, BR

  • Arte, Rua & Poesia IV

    556 Amaral Gurgel, SP, BR

  • Arte, Rua & Poesia III

    Batman's Alley, SP, BR

  • Arte, Rua & Poesia II

    Pôr do Sol SQ, SP, BR

  • Arte, Rua & Poesia I

    Sto Amaro Ave, 655, SP, BR

  • Tarsila Inspira

    49 XV de Novembro, SP, BR

  • Coragem

    426 Olímpio da Silveira, SP, BR


    Ocupação Mauá, SP, BR

  • Global Street Art

    Holborn, London

  • Untitled

    Bartolomeu Alley, SP, BR

  • Cura

    563 William Speers, SP, BR

  • Untitled

    599 Cunha Gago, SP, BR

  • Galeria Providência

    Morro da Providência, RJ, BR

  • Untitled

    São Félix, Bahia, BR

  • Hands

    Brooklin, NY

  • Amor

    Dodge City, Kansas

  • Untitled

    Aldeia Tekoá Pyau, SP, BR

  • Sesc Santana

    Sesc Santana, SP, BR

  • Amar

    Olga Behisnelian, SP, BR

  • Untitled

    Trancoso, Bahia, BR

  • 1000 Fridas

    674 William Speers, SP, BR

  • Untitled

    163 José Pereira de Araújo, SP, BR

  • Amar Infinito

    Valdir Pinheiro Stadium, MGF, BR

  • Amai-vos

    395 Arthur de Azevedo, SP, BR