Tarsila Inspira

49 Quinze de Novembro, São Paulo

In 2019, I received the invitation to participate in a beautiful project, with incredible women, in historic city center of São Paulo. #TarsilaInspira Project, was inspired by the work and history of Tarsila do Amaral and brought five giant murals to the side of buildings in city downtown. That same year, more than 400 thousand people were at Masp to get to know the artist's artworks up close, but there are still thousands more who has't the opportunity to enter a museum. This project shares the understanding that it is necessary to democratize the access to art and make the artistic experience go beyond the restricted circuit of museums and galleries.

I was seven months pregnant during the execution of this project, which made this experience even more special and powerful for me. And that's why I decided to bring Tarsila's anthropophagy to this panel. There is nothing more anthropophagic than generating another being within ourselves! I am extremely grateful to the entire team that came together for this dream project and, especially, to the incredible women (so different, strong and courageous) who also put their art on the street: @simonesiss @lauguimaraes @crica.monteiro @katialombardo @magmagrela.

You can find another artworks in the public space in the About section.

Execution, Production and Support: @embranco_hub @lucianabranco @amand4guiar @aleyoussef @tarsiladoamaraloficial @tarsiladoamaral