Contemporâneas Vivara

Murals in public spaces, São Paulo

In 2020, I was invited to be part of a very special project. Contemporâneas Vivara celebrated Brazilian culture through the artistic expression of three women (myself, Ryane Leão and Verena Smith), with artworks that occupy the public space and exalt the feminine energy in the daily life of the city.

How beautiful it was to join Ryane Leão @ondejazzmeucoracao, in this beautiful and huge project, to create five panels – in total, 1600 m2 spreading art across the city of São Paulo. Ryane is a woman who heals through presence, listening, speaking ... and to honor her precise words, I had to mature and deepen my research and work. Thank you for this and so much more ♥ ️

Ir you want to know more about the project:

I thank the whole team for their support and exchange:
@ondejazzmeucoracao Poetry
@vivillanova Curation
@stefaniadzwigalska Idealization
@letsproducoes Production
@ julia.cury Production
@felipeschneck Locations
@camilatuon Photo and video
@glauciosan_art Assistance
@jessvieira_ah Assistance
@majulucatelli Assistance
@rosamorenaf Production
@carolsantanavj Projection
Gustavo Technician
@vivaraonline for the support, respect and recognition of my work ♥ ️